Benchmark Update – BTEC England (KS5, New Minimum Expected Grades 2019-20)

15th July 2019

New Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs) for 2019/20

The updated 2019-20 benchmarks for Key Stage 5 BTEC 2010 and 2016 Suites will be in Connect Interactive from Results Day. The purpose of this short briefing paper is to provide some headline information about the new benchmarks, and how they might impact on your analysis.

Headline news

The benchmarking exercise showed little movement in the minimum expected points for the 2010 BTEC Suite, and therefore we have made the decision to retain the existing benchmarks. This means that there will be no change in your MEGs for the 2010 BTEC Suite.

The 2016 BTEC Suite was benchmarked on data submitted to us by our schools and colleges for 2018-19. These were therefore interim benchmarks and we now have national data on which to base the benchmarks for 2019-20. There are slight movements in these benchmarks as shown in Tables 3 and 4.

Overall, this means that if you have been monitoring your Year Groups across the Academic Year, the progress indicators for your 2010 BTEC will remain the same, but may alter slightly for your 2016 BTEC courses.

Publication of full Benchmarks

We will publish full benchmark tables and subject thermometers in our updated 2019-20 Alps Guides, available in the Resources section on your Connect Homepage from August.

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