Benchmark Update – England (KS4, New Minimum Expected Grades 2019-20)

15th July 2019

New Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs) for 2019-20

The updated 2019-20 benchmarks for GCSEs and Level 1/2 BTEC and Cambridge Nationals will be in Connect Interactive from Results Day. Each year we create the new benchmarks from the full KS4 national dataset supplied by the DfE. The purpose of this short briefing paper is to provide some headline information about the new MEGs, and how they might impact on your analysis.

Headline changes

The main change affects the highest prior attainment bands. The data released by the DfE indicated a need to combine the top two bands used in the 2018-19 analysis and reflects the cap on KS2 Fine Scores used by the DfE.

The GCSE minimum expected points have also changed slightly, with several bands showing an upward trend from last year. This means that your MEGs will have changed slightly, with many of the bands increasing by half a grade. Overall strategic and subject indicators have not changed significantly.

If you have been monitoring your current Year 11 and 10 across the Academic Year you should expect to see some minor changes to your Alps grades across strategic and subject indicators in your End of Year analysis.

Publication of full Benchmarks

We will publish full benchmark tables and subject thermometers in our updated Alps Guide for 2019/20, which you will find in the Resources section on your Connect Homepage from August.

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