GCSE naming convention in Alps analysis

10th August 2020

The way in which your GCSE subjects appear in Connect Interactive and in PDF Reports has changed slightly.

This change has been instigated to enable Welsh schools to enter analysis for the 9-1 subjects that are available to them.

Welsh schools can now use those 9-1 subjects which are not available to them through WJEC Examination Board.

  • Subject list is very well defined – Latin, Classical Greek, Economics, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation, Electronics, Film Studies, Geology, Sociology, Psychology, Citizenship Studies, Bengali, Chinese, Dance, Engineering, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Panjabi, Polish, Statistics, Astronomy, Urdu, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Russian.


GCSE subjects in Connect Data

Subjects displayed in Connect Interactive across England and Wales will now all have suffixes that determine their grading structure, for example

  • GCSE Mathematics (9-1)
    • The 9-1 suffix will be the subject available in England at KS4. This is the subject that will be mapped via Connect Data
    • Welsh clients will be able to map only those 9-1 subjects available to them. The default name that appears in Connect Interactive will have the 9-1 suffix.
  • GCSE Mathematics (A*-G)
    • The A*-G suffix will be the subject available in Wales at KS4 excepting those subjects not available from WJEC
    • English clients will have historical subjects listed as A*-G.


GCSE subject names displayed in Connect Interactive

The name shown on the Subject Value-Added Overview page will match that of the main gradepoint regardless of the format in previous years. Each subject will appear on a single line so for example in England, GCSE Mathematics A*-G sat in 2016/17 will appear on the GCSE Mathematics (9-1) row is 2019/20 is the main gradepoint.

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