Maximising Achievement with Y11 in the final 15 weeks before the 2023 examinations in England

6th January 2023

A companion piece to our Alps webinar. 

At Alps we are aware you are facing significant challenges in 2022-23.

  • Y11 students’ last undisrupted academic year in education was Y7 in 2018-19.
  • They are going to be assessed by examinations in 2023.
  • Since the Autumn of 2021 Ofqual have confirmed ‘a return to pre-pandemic grading in 2023.’
  • That will require a significant drop in grades nationally compared to 2022, especially at 7, 6, 5 & 4.
  • Schools are teaching the full content of qualifications to students.
  • There will be no advance information of exam content for students.
  • Replicating the same grades that you achieved in 2022 may be challenging in 2023.

We are here to support you with our Five Top Tips and Connect: 

  1. Use Connect to ensure you are on top of the subjects, sets, student groups and students who need support to achieve their Post-16 goals.
  2. Make sure you are supporting students whose engagement and attendance may significantly damage their, and your, results.
  3. Focus on your Core subjects that will have the biggest impact on this cohort’s outcomes and destinations, your P8, A8, Basics at 4+ & 5+ and your Alps VA.
  4. Ask all HODs to run department meetings based on:
    • Past papers and mark schemes
    • Command words
    • 2022 Examiner reports – identifying those ‘silver bullets’ that will improve grades
    • Share this invaluable information with your students.
  5. Ensure Mock exams are marked to identify individual and collective learning gaps (skills / knowledge) so that these can be addressed, re-assessed, and closed before the summer.

In Connect:

  1. Discuss with Heads of Department and teachers which students on their course have the greatest potential to improve their mock / predicted grades. Use the ‘What-if’ tool in Connect to demonstrate the impact on subject VA of those students achieving a higher grade.
  2. Use our comparison and filter tools to understand how the student groups in each subject or set are predicted to perform in terms of disadvantage, gender, ethnicity, and PA.
  3. In the KS4 Performance Measures zone in Connect, make sure you are on top of what your latest Y11 monitoring grades would deliver in terms of government measures. Then check out which students require intervention in the Student Analysis Overview zone.
  4. Use our Monitoring Accuracy tools to identify:
    • which subjects predicted most accurately in 2022
    • which subjects are predicting outcomes most different to previous monitoring grade-point or are predicting much higher outcomes / higher VA than in 2022?
  5. Identify students who are underachieving in two or more subjects for holistic intervention?


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