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Spring 2020 Feature Release

Gradepoint Selection Tool

We've given our Gradepoint selector a fresh redesign to make for simplified selection and auto-population of relevant Gradepoints for easy comparison. Watch the video here.

Trend of Gradepoints for Subjects

An all new trend tab in the subject area, built to help track students between in-year Gradepoints and identify those who may require additional intervention. Watch the video here.

Individual Student Trends

Monitor individual student progress across the Academic Year for all subjects with our new trendline; a simple way to cut through the data, to the student at its heart. Watch the video here.

Monitoring Accuracy - Student Numbers Feature Screenshot

Monitoring Accuracy - Student Numbers

Gain new insight on the accuracy of grade predictions with our tool designed to show how many students deviate in terms of grade accuracy from one Gradepoint to another. With the ability to link monitoring accuracy to the number of students whose grade has changed, you have the power to understand how predicting is working.


We have a host of live and recorded webinars that are accessible via our Training Hub. With in-depth tutorials, demos and best practise guides, our webinars are here to help you get the most out of your analysis.

Update History

A full list of the features added to Connect over the last 12 months is available via the Alps Knowledge Base. Click below to find out how to access the Knowledge Base and it’s range of Alps training materials.