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Alps Connect is our new web-based interactive reporting platform, allowing internal analysis using our familiar Alps benchmarks and established methodology via simple yet accessible new tools.

Available for combinations of

Exam results
Monitoring data
Student groups
  • Easily interrogate recent performance and set key strategic priorities
  • Swiftly identify within-year students that require intervention
  • Improve the chances of your students

Familiar yet powerful

Our interactive reports share the familiar Alps analysis and visual language, allowing you to hit the ground running

Timely and relevant

Rapidly identify areas for both celebration and concern


  • Analyse your entire cohort of students' performance in one place
  • Easily group students into performance groups such as above target in all subjects or below target in one subject
  • Spot trends quickly with pre-defined and custom student filters
  • Focus on how students taking a particular subject fare in their other subjects


  • View, filter and sort all subject performance, across every exam type, in one place
  • Use "how do I?" tools to assess what changes you need to make
  • Use "what if?" tools to form strategic plans at subject and teaching set level
  • View Alps grades for detailed subsets of students within each subject


  • Access all of your Alps overall pages
  • Instantly run your latest reports via simple templates
  • Combine report pages across levels, years, monitoring results and student filters
  • Drag and drop, add and remove pages to create and share the Alps report tailored to your exact needs

Connect in action

Connect overview
Raising standards
Departmental meetings
Staff reviews
Pastoral team meetings


For 2018/19 prices, please see here.

Next steps

  • All you have to do if you aren’t already receiving Connect is tick the box when uploading your results data
  • You can get ready for Connect by preparing your users with our template

Frequently asked questions

Please visit our main site for answers to some frequently asked questions about Connect.