A level Performance Measures in Connect in England – Release Spring 2023

25th January 2023

We are in the final stages of adding a Performance Measures section to Connect in England for A levels. The metrics included on the page will cover most attainment measures published by the DfE in the Performance Tables. The new section will be available for both examination and monitoring gradepoints.

Measures covered will include:

  • Average Point Score
  • Average Grade
  • Grade distribution profiles

You will be able to compare key groups of students for each of these measures and determine priorities from any gaps in attainment outcomes accordingly.

The release of A level Performance Measures this Spring is the first in our Key Stage 5 enhancements. Across 2023/24, we will begin to develop the Applied General headline measures to complement the A level tables.

Note: We will begin work on the equivalent Welsh A level Performance Measures later in 2023.


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