England A Level – New Toggle to view Client 2022 benchmarks

12th July 2022

Following the first year of examination results after a two-year gap, we have analysed the 2022 results data received from schools and colleges using Alps at A level. This paper outlines our main findings and the steps that we are taking to ensure you can make appropriate judgements on your 2022 results. You’ll also see we’ve added a Knowledge Base article explaining our new toggle and how to access it. 

What we know  

1. The increase in results in 2022 was closer to 2021 outcomes than 2019 results. 

2. There was uplift in the prior attainment for the 2022 A level cohort based on the awarded CAGs in 2020.


Alps benchmark analysis 

The data submitted to Alps, containing approximately 350,000 entries, has been used to generate an Alps specific benchmark for the 2022 examination gradepoint.  

1. Analysis of Minimum Expected Points (MEPs)  

The target points required for each Alps band to achieve a value-added score in the top 25% indicate that: 

    a. The 2022 Alps benchmark set shows little change in MEPs compared to our current Connect benchmark using the 2019 DfE national dataset 

    b. For Alps bands 1–8 the small shift in MEPs would not result in changes to the Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs)

2. Overall Quality Indicator (QI) scores and grades  

The 2022 benchmark value-added scores at each QI percentile show little change from our 2019 benchmark

3. Subject value-added scores and grades  

When the 2022 benchmark is used, the subject value-added scores show some minor fluctuation across subjects, but there is generally minimal change to gradings. 



1. QI grade – most schools and colleges would remain on the same QI grade, with those nearer to a grade boundary potentially dropping by an Alps grade. 

2. There may be some minor fluctuation in subject grades.  


To enable you to see your analysis within the context of our Alps 2022 client data-set benchmarks, we have done two things: 

1. Generated an additional PDF Provider Report using these benchmarks. This additional report has been added to your My Reports section of Connect.  Comparison of your two reports will allow you to check and consolidate your improvement priorities when analysing your 2022 value-added outcomes. 

2. Added a benchmark toggle to Connect to allow you to view your 2022 examination gradepoint using the ‘client’ benchmark. More details on how to use the benchmark toggle can be HERE. 


We have carried out this analysis for A level only at this stage. On toggling your benchmark you should just look at the A level. Your vocational strategic report and thermometers will therefore show as dashes.  

The benchmark in Connect will remain on the 2019 DfE national dataset both for 2022 examination gradepoints, and subsequent monitoring across 2022/23.  

Following 2023 Results Day, we will use Alps client data to generate new benchmarks, and allow use of the toggle feature in Connect.  This will rely on us having sufficient data from which to generate the analysis. We will encourage schools and colleges to submit data as soon as possible across Results season 2023.  

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