England KS4 and KS5 – Toggle to view Client 2022 benchmarks

27th December 2022

Given the unique nature of the outcomes in 2022, we were keen to provide colleagues with the opportunity to use the 2022 Alps client benchmark within the Connect platform. We have developed a benchmark toggle within the platformto allow you to view your 2022 examination gradepoint using this ‘client’ benchmark. 

COMING SOON: We will release our full timetable for Results season 2023. This will contain important information on when you can expect Alps analysis from the 2023 to be available in Connect. Analysis available will include A level England and Wales, BTEC 2016 qualifications, KS4 AT8 and value-added. 

How do I switch my benchmark? 

The video below outlines the steps you should take to allow users to switch benchmarks in Connect. 


Educational context – implications of toggling the benchmark

We would encourage you to watch this video prior to toggling your benchmark. The video contains information on the subset of data covered by the benchmark, the gradepoints in Connect affected by the client data and gaps in subject coverage. 

More information can be found here – https://alpseducation.zohodesk.eu/portal/en/kb/articles/switching-between-benchmarks-connect


Need more information?

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