IMPORTANT Update on Alps benchmarks for 2022

12th August 2022

On Results Day, your 2022 analysis at both Key Stage 4 and 5 will be measured against benchmarks built from the 2019 national validated data -the last year before 2022 when examinations took place.

Please consider the following when analysing your results and value-added:

  • At A Level the baseline to measure progress from is each student’s centre assessed GCSE grades awarded in 2020. If your average Prior Attainment is higher for the 2022 A Level cohort than for your 2019 cohort this may have a negative impact on your value-added scores.
  • If your prior attainment profile is broadly similar to your 2019 profile, then given that results in 2022 are higher than in 2019 this is likely to have a positive impact on your value-added scores.
  • As schools and colleges upload results data into Connect (Key Stage 4 and 5) we plan to process our schools’ datasets and following internal analysis, provide further guidance across the term as to how to interpret your results within this context.

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