Meet some of Alps newest employees

13th July 2021

As Alps turns 20 this July, we wanted to talk to some of Alps newest serving employees and find out what made them want to work for Alps and what they love most about the company. Introducing Emma Blanchfield, Mark Biddle and Jess Clifford.

Emma Blanchfield, Customer Success and Training Co-ordinator

During my interview, I knew I wanted to work at Alps. All the staff were so friendly and passionate about what they did and I wanted to be part of that. This was further confirmed after I started when I actually saw the consultants in action. I’ve always gone with my gut and I’m glad I did!

I also love the fact that all the teams are so engaged with each other. There’s never a day I’m not speaking with colleagues in different areas of the business. It really gives you an insight as to how the business works as a whole and helps you work collaboratively.

Joining a business during the pandemic was quite daunting and even now I’ve not met anyone in person, but I’ve never felt more welcome; even 6 months in, I still feel just as supported as I did on that first day by not just my team but the company as a whole. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person (not long now!)

Mark Biddle, BI Analyst

I have only worked at Alps for 5 months but was pleasantly surprised from the very beginning by the caring nature and “common goal” mentality of my colleagues.

Even though work volumes are high, I never feel overly pressurised or stressed and really enjoy the work I have to do and the teamwork involved.

I had to make the transition from a traditional company driven by material purchases, stock control, and physical product delivery, to an education-orientated environment, yet I quickly felt like a valued member of a small team.

Jess Clifford, Contracts Administrator

I joined the company in January 2021 after meeting the team a month earlier. They made it clear that the company and its clients have one main goal, to provide students with the best education. As Alps has a key goal and puts all focus on that, the structure of the company is clear and that appealed the most to me.

Alps is a small company, therefore, everyone knows everyone. This makes you feel recognised by others and it also helps you learn quicker.

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