Preparing your data

12th September 2022

Preparing your data for a hassle free Examination Result upload 

We’d like to make the upload of your examination data into Connect a breeze. So, with a few pointers from Callum, our Customer Success Specialist, here’s how you can get your 2021/22 examination gradepoint data submitted quickly.

What data do I need to have in Connect?

If you have been monitoring your examination Year Groups across the year then your preparation work need only include checking that your cohort data is accurate.

We recommend that you carry out the following:

1. Check your student details

  • All students that you would expect to see in your data are included
  • All contextual data is accurate, eg gender, SEND, EAL
  • All prior attainment data is accurate

2. Check your teaching sets are accurate

If you need to update any information then you can use the Connect Data wizard to upload additional data.

On Results Days itself you will need to upload three pieces of information:

  1. Student IDs
  2. Subjects
  3. Outcomes/Grades

Callum has recorded a video which shows you how to upload your results: You can watch the video here.

New to Connect Data?

If you have not yet populated Connect Data with your examination Year Groups, here are some articles which guide you through the process of getting your results ready.

Make sure your student data is present:

Upload your Prior Attainment data for KS4 and KS5:

Haven’t uploaded data to Alps in a while?

Check out our knowledge base for a wealth of handy articles on every aspect of getting started with and maximising your Alps analysis.

IMPORTANT: Implications for Key Stage 4 Results Day upload (England only)

Additional Early Entry field in Connect Data

Earlier in 2022, the DfE issued an update to the Secondary Accountability measures guide which contained additional rules for your Attainment 8 and Progress 8 measures with regards to examinations taken early by your Year 11 students. This update document can be found here.

In response to this update, we have had to include an additional field in Connect Data where you are able to upload the series in which your students sat their examinations.

The available fields are:

  • Summer 2020
  • Summer 2021
  • Winter 2021
  • Summer 2022

These series rules will be applied to your Performance Measures calculations only in Connect. The value-added sections will not be affected.

To upload your examination series either

  1. Include the examination series in your excel upload.
  2. Complete the wizard without the series information – the final step of the gradepoint upload wizard will prompt you for this information. You will be able to block map all entries to summer 2022 if you have no early entries.

Watch our support video on the Examination Series field HERE


Matching your cohort and subject data

Important considerations – information below or watch video version HERE

1. The attainment and Progress 8 metrics have been developed in line with DfE rules. If your metrics are to reflect the DfE published values, you should ensure that the following Connect Data imports match with DfE census data:

  • Your student import includes all eligible students with their prior attainment data from the Key to Success file
  • Your gradepoints (examination or internal monitoring points) contain all subjects eligible for the DfE performance metrics despite the fact that Alps may not have benchmarks/thermometers for these subjects
  • Each gradepoint must also contain any eligible examination results from previous examination seasons

2. You may find some discrepancies between your P8 figures for 2018/19 and those published by the DfE. We would urge you to check through the points made above to match these two figures accurately. We do urge you to contact us if you have concerns at this stage on numerical differences.


Scaled scores – calculating P8

As you are aware, there has been no publication of Attainment 8 average tables which reflect scaled scores as a prior attainment. The P8 figures for cohorts with scaled score prior attainment has been determined as follows:

  • 2019 Attainment 8 average table used as a starting point
  • Scaled scores have been mapped onto the fine grade values in the table using proportional distribution
  • Cohorts from 2016, 2017 and 2018 have been mapped independently
  • View our scaled score conversion table here 


2022 Progress 8

Your Progress 8 numbers for 2022 will have been generated against the 2019 Attainment 8 average tables published by the DfE.

We recognise that 2022 is a unique year, and therefore when we have sufficient KS4 examination results from our schools and colleges to generate a robust data set, we plan to process this data with a view to potentially generating interim Attainment 8 average tables/P8 calculations.

We will communicate any findings on projected changes if any to P8 values following this analysis, in the understanding that these would be findings based on Alps data only and not on the full national dataset which sits behind all other Alps benchmarks.

With this in mind, we would urge you to submit your KS4 data as early as possible.

The Progress 8 section compliments the Attainment metrics released in January 2022 and your DfE performance measures now sit very neatly within the same platform as your Alps value-added thermometers.

Need more information?

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