Alps Workshop: Effective use of data to improve post 16 outcomes

15th September 2021

We are looking forward to presenting at the up and coming HMC Conference on 28th September in Cardiff. Dr. Jevon Hirst, Director of Training, will be hosting an interactive workshop to discuss the Effective use of data to improve post 16 outcomes’.

The session will explore how the intelligent use of data within schools and colleges has a proven, significant impact on improving outcomes for students. Using the Alps approach, in conjunction with Alps Connect software, the session will provide an overview of how a value-added approach to analysing student data provides the most effective mechanism for tracking student progress and, therefore, informing the development of curriculum intent and implementation. 

The session will:  

  • Evaluate the different types of student outcome data available to schools and colleges
  • Explore how this data can be used effectively to track progress
  • Consider how this data can be used to inform curriculum intent and implementation
About Jevon

Jevon Hirst - Training DirectorJevon has over 20 years’ experience working in education. Prior to joining Alps in 2020, Jevon worked in a number of senior leadership roles within schools, with responsibilities for teaching and learning, curriculum, strategic planning, self-evaluation and student achievement. Central to these roles has been the intelligent use of data to inform school improvement and maximise outcomes for students 

We are really looking forward to the session and the discussions and ideas that will come from it.  

If you are attending the conference and would like to meet Jevon to discuss any of these topics in more detail, please email us and we would be delighted to pre-arrange a meeting.  

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