From Hull to Huddersfield, meet one of our newest Software Engineers

29th April 2021

We recently ‘sat down’ (virtually) with the newest member of our tech team Emma to talk about her career in technology, what made her want to go into the industry, what it is like to be a woman working in a male-dominated field and how it has been starting a new role in a pandemic.

Emma is a software engineer, she graduated from the University of Hull 7 years ago where she studied Computer Science. After leaving University she worked for APD Communications producing desktop software for the Police Service. Emma followed this up with work at Legend, to start working with web-based technologies, producing software for the Leisure Industry, before joining Alps in November 2020 and becoming a great asset to the tech team and the company.

What do you enjoy most about working at Alps?

I enjoy all of it! I work with a great team of interesting people, who bring a variety of skills to the table, we all work collaboratively together and support each other in improving our knowledge. Alps has a culture of recognition, which is often missing in the tech industry, our hard work is both appreciated and rewarded. I am very passionate about the Alps mission and how the product supports students to achieve their potential, especially with my own experience within education.

What made you want to go into Tech?

The first computer I took apart was when I was 12 and I have always had a passion for technology and how things work. Simple things like being able to change HTML backgrounds in MySpace fostered an interest in coding and development.

What is it like to be a woman in a male-dominated field?

In the right environment, there is no issue with being a woman in technology. Alps is certainly one of those environments and the best experience I have had so far of a positive environment.

If you could change anything in your field, what would you change?

Tech evolution is extremely fast-paced, with new ideas coming to the fore and often dying out quickly. This can often lead to a loss of productivity and time as you get to grips with these new ideas and frustratingly watch them disappear.

How have you found working through the pandemic in your job role? Has it been easier or harder?

Starting a new job remotely was certainly difficult, not being able to easily see who is busy and able to help you with questions as you settle into the role, not picking up the general chatter and getting to know people, has made joining a new business more challenging than normal. Because of those challenges, it has forced me to think about the areas I’m working on more before asking for help and that has helped me discover and learn more quickly than otherwise might have been the case. Asking for help is a lot easier when people are there physically with you, sometimes taking the time to investigate yourself can really help drive your own knowledge. It has helped build my confidence in approaching people and getting to know people.

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