How to use Connect Interactive to assist with your grading

31st March 2020

Alps is committed to supporting schools and colleges throughout this difficult period. As senior leaders and teachers consider how to arrive at their judgement grades for Years 11 and 13 students in a fair and robust way, our Education Team offers some advice and guidance on how Connect Interactive might help.

Quality Assurance systems

You will have robust quality assurance systems in place to ensure that in-year data submitted by teachers give a fair representation of their students’ examination potential.

When asking staff to determine their grades, ensure that staff know which assessment data to take into account. Ideally, there are moderation processes in place to ensure that all subject staff are consistent in how they predict final outcomes.


Using Alps tools to help you determine fair judgment grades

An image showing the connect interactive interface

We suggest the following steps to analyse and quality assure judgement grades for your examination year groups:

1. Submit your judgement grades in Connect as a new gradepoint.

2. Compare the analysis of your judgement grades with previous years’ results using our Monitoring Accuracy tool. From this you can ask the key questions: Are there big anomalies? Can these be fairly explained? Are there gross over or under-estimates?

3. Ask your staff to consider – is this an accurate representation of the grade that I would submit as the final judgement grade, taking into account the performance of this subject over the past 3 years?

4. Staff can moderate their grades by performing simple and easy ‘What Ifs’ to model informed changes to their judgement grades on their subject or teaching sets value-added.

5. For Year 11, consider the grades students require to study Level 3 qualifications and whether it would have been most likely that a student would have achieved these.

6. If you have a sixth form, consider UCAS offers and whether it was most likely that a student would have achieved these.

7. Level 3 BTEC courses – grades can also be quality assured in Connect Interactive. Click Here for BTEC – Judgement grading video.

8. All your moderated judgement grades can then be submitted to your MIS and re-submitted into to Connect Interactive as a new final judgment gradepoint.

9. SLT final checkpoint – your senior team can review the final judgement grade outcomes as a whole and check your overall school value-added and value-added by subject. From this, you can answer: is the overall picture in line with your expectations and how does it compare to historical trends?


New to Alps or Connect Interactive?

If you have just been activated but not used Connect Interactive before we have a wealth of support to get you started:


The unique tools of Connect Interactive:

1. Monitoring accuracy tool This tool can be used to check the proposed final judgement grade for each subject against previous end of year or monitoring point grades, including mock grades:

    • Your in-year monitoring points provide a profile of progress across the year within subject areas. Comparing gradepoint outcomes can help to determine how accurate your predictions have been assuming that staff have been predicting in line with the evidence collated through continuous student assessment.
    • Compare mock examinations outcomes with predictions. This will give an indication of how students have performed in a formal examination. We should treat these with some caution as students will potentially not have prepared as thoroughly for these. We are also relying on the standard of paper that was put down in front of them. Nevertheless, they provide an additional piece of evidence
    • Compare your judgement grades against previous examination outcomes. You can view trends over years to show whether there are any wild fluctuations in the outcome. Click here for our monitoring accuracy, judgement grading video.

2. Outcomes tab in subject area:

    • The outcomes tab in the subject area provides each teacher with a profile of their students past and present. This can be used to compare their current classes against previous cohorts and their outcomes. Click here for our comparing profiles of students, judgement grading video.
    • Guard against making too many assumptions when comparing the outcomes of previous students This is a new cohort of students and they should not be over-compared to their predecessors, however, it may provide some additional insight on progress made by prior attainment.

3. What If Tool – This tool can be used by each teacher to simply and easily model your judgement grades against national benchmarks at a subject and teaching set level. Click Here for our ‘What If’ – Judgement grading video.


If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. You will find this information and resources on our website.


The importance of Alps as a tool to support in your quality assurance processes Alps is completely embedded in our college’s quality assurance process. As we enter this unprecedented time of uncertainty for students, parents and staff we know Alps will be more important than ever. We are able to use previous internal teacher judgements and mock exam grades to review subject performance alongside external grades. Above all students who have worked so hard deserve fairness, Alps is a system that helps us achieve this.

Anton McGrath, Principal at Ashton SFC.


If you haven’t already done so, you can set up your Year 11/13 students in Connect. For full details on how to upload your data, click the link below:

Click here for full details on how to setup your data


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