Korey Hubbard’s 5 Top Tips to Becoming a Successful Software Engineer

11th November 2021

We are excited to introduce you to Korey Hubbard, our brilliant Software Lead & Back-End Developer here at Alps. Korey joined Alps in 2019, he is a Microsoft certified solutions developer (MCSD) and brings a wide spread of technical knowledge to the team. He is enthusiastic about technology and enjoys overcoming complex tasks to help create intuitive and effective systems. We recently spoke to Korey about his journey to becoming a software engineer, his role here at Alps and his 5 top tips to becoming a successful software engineer:

“Alongside my team lead responsibilities at Alps, I am a senior full-stack developer, I specialise in .NET for the server-side and React with TypeScript for the client-side. 

A particular interest of mine within software engineering is planning and designing software solutions. I have spent a good portion of my career gaining as much experience as I can with design patterns, design principles, development processes and general software technologies. 

My journey that led to software development began in high school, when I made my first basic website using Microsoft FrontPage, I was fascinated that I could create something that was accessible by anyone in the world. I then became motivated to learn more and set my higher educational path to be focused around software development. 

A typical daily routine for me will start with a meeting in the morning to make sure the team know what they are working on, this provides a great opportunity to raise any issues that might need actioning. Planning future work and managing the technical implications is something I often deal with. As well as this, I keep track of the various code changes to ensure they align with the bigger picture for the project, ensure we are following coding standards and I often help write code for features or bugs that we are working on. The team consists of 7 software engineers from different technical backgrounds and experiences, part of my role is to provide support to the developers and engineers within the team.” 

If I could give 5 top tips for someone wanting to be a successful software engineer, I would say:  

  1. Do it because you have a passion for software-based technologies and like to problem solve. 
  2. Be prepared to always learn new things. 
  3. Get as much hands-on experience where you can ask questions and shadow experienced software developers. 
  4. Try to find a team where you have room to grow and can help contribute to the workload, but where you are able to ask for help and bounce ideas around. People often think differently and using that to your advantage is a strength. 
  5. Understand the project and the client’s needs, there is no point applying very good technical abilities to software if the product is not fit for purpose or usable by the clients. 

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