Meet Adam, our latest addition to the Customer Success Team 

14th December 2021

We recently sat down with our new Customer Success Specialist, Adam Aisthorpe to learn more about his fascinating career in Customer Success, what made him want to get into the industry and what led him to join Alps.

What made you want to go into Customer Success? 

I’m a linguist by trade and I always knew that translation wasn’t the career path for me; I’ve only ever learnt languages to be able to speak and interact with people in their own language, so it was clear early on that I’d be heading into a customer-facing role following my studies. I’ve been fortunate to live in different countries working in roles ranging from English teaching in the banking sector to export sales in the corporate clothing industry. 2 years ago, I found a role in a tech company and my eyes were opened to the world of Customer Success and software as a service (SaaS). 

So far… what do you love most above working at Alps?

My first few months have been excellent, and, through my training and onboarding, I’ve experienced first-hand that Alps is a company and group of people who truly have education at their core. 

The Alps approach and vision for Customer Success brings many exciting opportunities for us as a team and the schools and colleges we work with. From day one it’s been great to have been involved with users of Connect and Summit and looking at how we as a Customer Success Team can continue proactively supporting each individual user unlock the maximum potential from our platforms and services. 

What advice would you give someone wanting to start a career in Customer Success? 

I’ve always found that something which works for one customer might not work for another, so my advice is to always be prepared to pivot and adapt. I’ve found this particularly useful since joining the software industry as product development teams continually aim to innovate and build new solutions. As part of a team that centres around the success of customers with these solutions keeping up with the changes and translating them into value for your customers is key to success for all involved. 

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