Meet Jen, Alps’ Senior Sales Executive and Mental Health First Aider

22nd August 2023

Meet Jen, our inspiring Senior Sales Executive and the founding member of our Mental Health First Aider team. Earlier this month we sat down with Jen to find out more about her career background, how she has found the last 12 months working with Alps and what advice she would give someone wanting to start a career in Sales and the importance of looking after our mental health. 


Hi Jen, please can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your career background and your role at Alps?

Hello, I currently work as a Sales Executive and Mental Health First Aider at Alps. In my spare time, I love to bake, watch live music and make wonderful memories with my young family. I also run a small support group for fellow late-diagnosed neurodivergent women. 

Prior to joining Alps in 2022, I have worked in a wide variety of roles, from a Supervisor at a Coffee Chain and pub management, to working in attractions at Walt Disney World. My passion for EdTech started in 2015, when I began a career as a Business Development Manager at a company providing a curriculum resources platform for primary schools. This led me to the role as Sales Executive at Alps. Working in such a wide range of roles has been so useful as I use the skills and knowledge I have picked up along the way to create new ideas, support our customers, help with training new team members and provide a safe space and support to my colleagues at Alps.  


What is your favourite thing about working at Alps?

My favourite thing about working at Alps is the culture. Everyone is so wonderful and it’s great to look forward to starting work everyday knowing you get to spend your day with people you like and value. Alps has such a nurturing, warm, and friendly culture.  


So far, what have been your biggest achievements at Alps? 

My biggest achievements at Alps so far are: 

1.   Introducing Mental Health First Aid to the company and completing the training course. From this I have created and implemented a wellness program and hosted some lovely wellness events including tapping workshops, guided meditations, journalling sessions and more. Mental Wellness is something I care deeply about, so I was passionate about bringing in Mental Health Support to the company. It has helped me to build stronger relationships with the wider teams within Alps and I look forward to all the great activities we are planning for the coming months.  

2.    Being promoted within my first year is another achievement that I’m really proud of. I am so grateful to be in a supportive environment where I am able to share my ideas and support the wider team with my knowledge from previous roles. It is so rewarding to work for a company that acknowledges the value that you add as an individual and I am excited about the new responsibilities and learning opportunities this role entails. 


How have you grown in your role since working for Alps? 

I have grown in both knowledge and confidence since working at Alps. Alps provides a great environment for self-improvement and I am lucky to have been on a couple of great courses since working here. I have even learnt about my own value and capabilities. 


What advice would you give someone wanting to start a career in Sales/mental health? 

Ask questions! I think the key to learning and growing in any area of life is to ask questions, whether you are asking a colleague, a friend or even yourself, you don’t find answers without first asking the question. When it comes to mental health, always ask twice – ‘How are you?’ Is a question we ask people so often but sometimes asking twice can get you a very different answer. I always say it is important to remember these 2 things:1. A smile can change someone’s entire day and 2. Be kind, always, you never know what someone may be going through.  


Can you tell us an interesting Fact about yourself?  

I am passionate about Mental Health and am writing a research paper on PTSD from late diagnosed ADHD in women to complete my MSc in Psychology and hope to go on to offer resources and support within the community. I am also hypermobile and can touch my thumb to my forearm.


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