Meet Meg, our digital content maestro

26th January 2022

This month we wanted to give you all the opportunity to meet the newest member of our Marketing Team, Meg Pritchard.

As our Content Marketing Executive, Meg is responsible for creating and curating a wide array of content, from webinars to blogs. As a key creator of client and new school communications, Meg ensures our messages are getting to the right people and making sure our message is consistent across all platforms.

Introduction of who you are, what your job role is at Alps.

Though I have worked at Alps for just under six months, I have been involved in an enormous array of projects and initiatives, helping to launch new products and engage with new and existing clients.

Over the next year, one of my most important goals is to build a programme of thought-leadership webinars with our clients, with the aim to deliver useful content to the education sector and promote innovative new developments and features.

What brought you to Marketing?

During my studies at Sixth Form, I loved Art and Psychology. I was particularly interested in the studies around Consumer Behaviour. I found it fascinating how advertising can have such an influence on behaviour and change how people perceive a particular brand through communications.

Combining my love of creativity and Psychology, Marketing was the perfect fit and I went on to study this at Northumbria University. I am pleased to say that I absolutely love my job.

Tell us about your career background. 

After studying at Northumbria University, I worked at a Creative Digital Agency in Leeds which specialised in Web and App Development.

I was then introduced to the education sector when I worked for a company selling Compliance Software. This is where I decided that the education sector is where I wanted to continue my career path.

I have always wanted to be part of a company that ‘does good’ and Alps then seemed like the perfect fit for me as this technology really makes a difference to the lives of students and teachers who use Alps across the world. The company and its clients have one main goal; to provide students with the best education.

What do you enjoy most about working at Alps? 

I love being busy and the variety of the job is perfect for me. It sounds very cliché but no two days are the same. I have joined at a really exciting time for Alps and even in the last 6 months, I have been involved in the launch of a new subscription model, a brand new product launch of Alps Summit and countless new features and developments coming to the Connect KS4 platform.

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