Meet Sally, our Customer Success Manager 

2nd September 2022

This month we wanted to give you the opportunity to meet Sally, our Customer Success Manager.  

Sally has always been passionate about putting the customer at the heart of a business and joined Alps in 2021 to help drive Customer Success.  

Earlier this month, we sat down with Sally to find out about her background in the EdTech industry, what she loves most about her job and her top tips for someone wanting to start a career in Customer Success.


Hi Sally, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career background?  

I studied Marketing and Events Management at University and loved both parts equally.  

After leaving University, I was fortunate that my first  Marketing Assistant role was at an EdTech company where I quickly fell in love with the EdTech sector. From there, I quickly progressed through various marketing and customer support roles, up to team leader position, before deciding to take the plunge and move over to Customer Success.


What made you want to go into Customer Success?

I think my initial experience in marketing was the perfect start for my Customer Success career. Customer Success as a concept has been evolving since the 2010s and centres around the customer and focusing on the best practices that will inspire loyalty and success for all. I always preferred customer focused marketing campaigns and it seemed a natural transition for me. I really enjoy interacting with and listening to customers, using their feedback to learn more about how we can continue to improve our products and services.


How would you describe your everyday routine? 

I know it sounds cheesy, but no two days are the same within the Customer Success team at Alps and I love it. My time is usually split between supporting my team with reactive questions and working with other departments preparing for customer-focused projects.   

My favourite part of the day is our morning stand ups. The whole team start the day reviewing our customer calls and it’s a great opportunity for the team to speak up if anyone needs support or assistance. I personally love hearing how many schools we will be interacting with.  

One thing I can guarantee in my working day, is the consumption of copious amounts of diet coke. Additionally, my unhealthy dependency on chocolate-covered rice cakes helps me get through the day. My team know that I rarely answer a call without one or the other.


What do you enjoy most about working at Alps?

The Alps Family!  

I am surrounded by an incredible group of people who are all working towards the same goal – to make a real difference to the lives of students. We work in such a busy environment and our days are jam-packed, but everyone takes the time to support and share knowledge with one another. It really is a happy place to work.

What would you say is your biggest achievement at Alps so far? 

One of my biggest achievements is seeing the customer happiness rating on our live chat maintain 100% month after month, a reflection of the team’s commitment to delivering an excellent service, for which I am really proud. Another highlight for me would be the implementation of our new onboarding package for joining schools. It’s a real testament to the focus we place on our customer’s needs, and the hard work the team has put in.


What advice would you give someone wanting to start a career in Customer Success

If you are interested in your customer experience and journey and get the opportunity to try Customer Success, then do it! I’d also recommend that you expand your experiences with customers outside your own team, whether it’s shadowing another team member or attending customer-facing events, say yes. Take any opportunity to understand how the customer journey expands beyond the Customer Success team. There’s always something to be learned from every interaction with a customer. 

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