Part 1: Understanding what school leaders need

10th December 2021

In this fireside chat series Alps Director of Education and Product Development, Sue Macgregor, sits down with Nick Finnemore from Finnemore Consulting to talk about the potential outcomes and learnings of the global pandemic, its effect on student progress and grades, and how this might shape the future of assessment.  

In the first part of this series, Sue talks from the perspective of leaders in the EdTech marketplace and explores how software should be making school leaders’ lives easier and ultimately benefit the student.  

Having worked in education for 30 years, with her last role as Deputy Head at Windsor Girl’s School, Sue now takes on the role of Director of Product and Education at Alps. In this session, Sue explores the relationship between her role as Deputy Head and Director of Product and how this translates into creating a product proven to drive student attainment. 

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Key topics discussed:   

  • Sue’s background as Deputy Head at Windsor Girl’s School and the progression to Director of Education and Product Development at Alps 
  • The focus on outcomes, data for improvement, and how she has successfully used this within the education setting to improve student outcomes  
  • How Sue’s breadth of experience in education has shaped the development of the Alps product and its user interface to be intuitive and really meet the needs of its users
  • The ethos of Alps 

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