Part 2: You’ve got the data… so what?

15th December 2021

To be successful, technology and data need to be accessible to users at all levels within a school. Different users will have varying degrees of technical and data ability, and analysis should be simple and easy to use, so that everyone can achieve what they need from it. 

As a school leader you are held accountable for the results of your students. A key job for a leader is to be able to identify issues and put the strategies in place to mitigate these, and ultimately improve outcomes. Data is not going to solve your problems, but it will tell you where your issues lie. 

Now you’ve got the data, so what?  

  • What are you going to do with it? Where are the issues? 
  • What are your next steps in order to improve your outcomes? Who do you need to speak to? 
  • What interventions are you going to put in place to solve the identified problem? What effect will they have?  

In part 2 of our fireside chat series, Sue and Nick discuss the full process starting from your data to the analysis and the methodology which underpins school improvement, raising student attainment. 

To see Alps in action and see how you can use your data strategically to improve student outcomesbook a demo here 

Key topics discussed:  

  • How Tech can make a difference and reduce friction 
  • Accountability as a leader – Getting to the nub of the problem
  • How to put effective strategies in place to prevent issues and achieve the result needed 


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