Part 3: The future of Assessment – What this might look like.

15th December 2021

When it comes to assessment, a lot has happened over the last few years. Covid has pushed the education system into a different way of teaching and assessing. What can we learn from this experience and how can we use this to improve the way we assess our students? How will our collective experience across the pandemic shape the future of assessment and the education system as a whole?

In part 3 of our fireside chat series, Alps Director of Education & Product Development, Sue Macgregor, reflects on the challenges brought about by the pandemic, what this has meant for examinations over the last few years and subsequently what impact this has had on the schools and colleges that we work with at Alps.

Sue and Nick Finnemore, from Finnemore Consulting, look to the future of examinations and explore what it might look like in terms of Alps benchmarking.

“It would be a missed opportunity if people were to say, let’s just return to what we’ve done for the past 50 years”  

In Part 3, Sue and Nick touch upon the national debate about returning to examinations – are we shifting all our eggs back into one ‘exam basket’? When developing an assessment model, there are wider considerations beyond the papers, including ensuring equality of outcomes for different performance groups.

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Key topics discussed:  

  • How assessment has changed over the last two year
  • The importance of providing consistency to Alps schools and colleges
  • The national debate about returning to examinations – are we shifting all of our eggs back into one ‘exam basket’ – How is this affecting disadvantaged learners?
  • Will our experience over the last few years change/shape the future in the education world?


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