Part 4: The power of data

28th January 2022

Data can be a really powerful tool in driving student aspirations and attainment.

Having worked in education for 30 years, with her last role as Deputy Head at Windsor Girls’ School, Sue now takes on the role of ‘Director of Education & Product Development’ at Alps. At Windsor Girls’ School, Sue worked within a strong team of teachers to bring about a sustained improvement in student standards, and as a result the school gained an Outstanding rating in 2013. Alps played an important role across the school in supporting post-16 progress tracking, and this love for Alps inspired Sue to join the company in 2016.

Talking from the perspective of leaders in the EdTech marketplace, Sue explores how data software should be making school leaders’ lives easier by giving rapid and efficient opportunities for analysis, ultimately benefitting their students.  

“Data can tell you all sorts of things. What is that telling me about the next steps.” 

In Part 4 of our fireside chat series, Sue and Nick Finnemore, explore how to drive through the data to get good and useful insights? But it doesn’t stop at the insights. What is important is what you do with this data and how you use it to inform the strategies you put in place. 

Key topics discussed:  

  • Smart accurate data – the importance of key data versus drowning in data.   
  • Measuring the progress journey in an uncertain landscape post-TAG.   
  • It doesn’t just stop at the data – it’s what you do with it that makes it powerful. 

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