How to quickly unpick your Calculated Grade Results in Connect Interactive

12th August 2020

Follow these quick steps to start unpicking your Calculated Grade Results in Connect Interactive.


1. At School/College level head straight for the monitoring accuracy tool from your Connect Home Page

Monitoring Accuracy button

Ensure that you have selected the ‘Trends – Exam Vs Monitoring‘ in the menu on the left…

Trends Monitoring button

The table in this area compares your 2020 results with you Centre Assessment Grades – we have labelled these as Teacher Judgement Grades (Judge). Make sure you have added your CAGs as a monitoring gradepoint for 2019/20.

You can quickly see at subject level how many grades have been changed and you can now investigate further on individual subject pages.


2. Subject page investigation

From the homepage, enter the Subject Analysis area.

From there enter a subject and hit the Trends Tab for your Subject Page:

Here you can quickly identify which students who have had their grades moderated and which grade boundaries have been affected.


3. There are many other features in Connect Interactive that can help you to unpick your CAGs. Try modelling ‘What if scenarios’ or creating and printing off reports to share with your Governing Body


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