The importance of monitoring In Connect Interactive

28th November 2019

For me, the real power of Connect Interactive is the ability to analyse multiple monitoring points throughout the year. Adding monitoring data is simple. Just decide on the type of data you want to analyse, for example you can add current working at grades, teacher predicted grades and mock examination grades, then extract the grades from your MIS and import into Connect Interactive.

Make an impact on student progress

Once your data is in Connect Interactive, all teachers can quickly see progress by student to decide on what is needed to make a positive impact. As a senior leader, you can see straight away how well each subject is performing, how your key groups of students are performing and how students are progressing at an individual level. From this information it is then simple to use the student area with your Heads of Year to identify groups of students who are underperforming across subjects and devise intervention plans to compliment the work done at subject level.

Identify underperforming students

The key is that your subject leaders and teachers will be able to identify underperformance of students right now. For example, you will be able to see whether you are stretching the most able to the top grades, or whether you have students struggling to hit certain grades. The important point is that this analysis can be used to update your learning and teaching strategies immediately. Teachers will also be able to model the intended impact of their interventions.

Know when to make timely interventions

Knowing how well students are performing in real time allows you to make timely interventions right now. Get some monitoring data into Connect Interactive, empower your staff and make a difference to your students.

Check out our new Alps Champions handbook. It is packed full of guidance and tips on how to get the most from your Alps analysis. Section 6 is dedicated to in-year monitoring and how to make full use of the data you have in Connect Interactive. You can access the handbook and other resources by clicking the Alps Champions logo in the Resources box on your Connect Homepage.

For more detail on the tools available in Connect Interactive, watch our webinar –

Connect Interactive for Effective Monitoring at KS4 and KS5

The benefits of Monitoring in Connect Interactive

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