Valuing every student

We believe that the right analytical tools have the power to help every student achieve their full potential. Our platforms provide clear KS4 and KS5 performance insights that enable teachers and leaders to celebrate strengthsaction any gaps and drive-up student achievement 

KS5 Attainment Measures for England 

We are excited to announce that our new A level Attainment Measures section is now available in Connect.

KS4 Performance Measures for England

We are delighted to announce that we now have KS4 Attainment Performance Measures in Connect.

Using CAT4 scores in
your Alps Analysis 

Access insightful analysis at both KS4 and KS5 using GL Assessment’s Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) as your Alps prior attainment score.

How Alps works

Alps performance analysis measures progress against our own national, aspirational benchmarks to ensure all students achieve their potential. Built by teachers for teachers, our analysis is simple, easy to use and helps raise student grades.

Raises student grades

Set aspirational targets

Easy to use

Insights that matter, in minutes

Common language

Analysis at all levels

Comprehensive Support

Expert training, help and advice

For Schools and Colleges

Connect is clear, quick, and easy to use. Immediately see where student progress is on track or behind, giving you back precious time to take action where needed. Alps Connect is your partner in accessible, actionable insight across the year.

Connect Interactive

For MATs and Groups

As a MAT, LA or Group, navigating assessment data across your schools and colleges is essential but can be complicated and time-consuming. Alps Summit is your hub for swift, actionable insight into performance at KS5. 
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Tailored to your world

We understand the nuances of the English, Welsh and Northern Irish education systems, as well as the unique requirements of independent and international schools.

Alps World Map

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve made with our schools and other like-minded organisations

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‘ASCL is delighted to have Alps as a Premier Partner, Alps has a long-standing track record of providing analysis and support for schools and colleges to help them improve outcomes while keeping the student at the heart of the improvement process’
Geoff Barton – ASCL