Alps at KS4 and KS5

Alps has been developed over many years to provide specialist support for Key Stages 4 and 5. We deliver seamless analysis and tracking from Year 7 to Year 13.

Alps across the globe

We have two decades of experience in tailoring our analysis and insight to schools in the UK and British curriculum international schools. So whether you’re based in England, Malaysia, or the UAE, our relevant data and baseline statistics will help you improve student outcomes.

“When we started working with Alps our aim was for our sixth form to be ranked in the top 25% of sixth forms. We achieved this within 2 years of working with Alps and within 3 years we have seen the sixth form ranked in the top 10%.”

Dr John Roe, Director, Radyr Comprehensive School Sixth Form

“The use of the colour coding, subject thermometers and analysis of results are straightforward enough even for those who are ‘dataphobes’.”

Fiona McSorley, Former Sixth Form Lead, Darrick Wood School

Connect is clear, quick, and easy to use. Immediately see where student progress is on track or behind, giving you back precious time to take action where needed. Alps Connect is your partner in accessible, actionable insight across the year.

Connect Interactive
Connect Interactive
As a MAT, LA or Group, navigating assessment data across your schools and colleges is essential but can be complicated and time-consuming. Alps Summit is your hub for swift, actionable insight into performance.