Celebrating Teachers and Headteachers

26th May 2021

When the current Year 11 and Year 13 students embarked on their GCSE and A-level studies two years ago I don’t think anybody would have envisaged the many ways in which teachers across the country would have had to adjust to ensure that students continued to receive the best possible education. Whilst there is still a significant body of work to do to prepare for the submission of the Teacher Assessed Grades we would like to recognise and celebrate the incredible job that colleagues across the country have done in preparing students for their assessments.

As your students prepare to move on to the next stage of their journey, whether employment, apprenticeships, sixth form or university, the knowledge, skills and resilience you have helped them to develop will continue to be incredibly valuable. Although none of us can know what the future holds you will have played an integral role in preparing your students to shape it.

Jevon Hirst, Educational Consultant. 

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