GSHA Partnership Announcement

4th March 2021

It is a pleasure to announce that we are now in partnership with GSHA, Grammar School Heads Association. We are very excited to be working and developing a strong partnership with them throughout 2021.

Founded in 2008, GSHA is the professional representative body of English Grammar School Headteachers, supported by their Governing and Parent bodies, and driven by regional membership.

GSHA’s purpose is to pursue their professional aims through the many partnerships they maintain within the education system. Only by playing a full part in the education system in England can they justify their position of strength and sustain their foundation of excellence.

GSHA aims are:

  • To support the work of Head Teachers
  • To promote, celebrate and represent the work of Grammar Schools
  • To link Regional and National networks to provide a coherent voice
  • To support the development of best practice
  • To develop provision for able students

Find out more about GSHA here.

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