Alps Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions



Please read these Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions (“Referral Terms”), alongside the Terms and Conditions applying to Your use of the Alkemygold Limited website (“Site Terms and Conditions”) and Our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”). These Referral Terms are supplementary to our Site Terms and Conditions and therefore should be read in conjunction with them, they do not amend or replace Our Site Terms and Conditions which continue to apply.

While this is an important and legally-binding document, We’ve tried to keep these Referral Terms as readable and user-friendly as possible. We have, however, stuck to some conventional legal document practices (such as capitalisation of ‘You’ and ‘Us’ in relation to each party) where it’s helpful for clarity.

By submitting a form to participate in this Referral Scheme, You acknowledge and accept these Referral Terms in their entirety, therefore please read these Referral Terms in full prior to participating in this scheme.

Who We Are


The Site is operated, and the Services are provided, by Alkemygold Limited (“We/Our/Us/Alps”). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 04258920 and Our registered office is Kevin Conway House, Longbow Close, Bradley, Huddersfield, HD2 1GQ.

Glossary of Terms


Terms and expressions referred to within the Site Terms and Conditions apply equally to these Referral Terms. In addition, these Referral Terms also reference the following definitions:

Eligible Referrer: a current subscriber to the Site Terms and Conditions, whose Subscription Period is ongoing as a result of entering into a contract for Services with Us.

Excluded Contracts: a contract which is not deemed by Us as sufficient to constitute a Qualifying Referral and includes the following:

(i)  renewal of a current Subscription;

(ii)  adding an entity to a Group Contract.

Including: Any words following the terms including, include, in particular, for example or any similar expression shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the words, description, definition, phrase or term preceding those terms.

Multi-Year Renewal Discount: means any additional discount that we offer from time to time if you subscribe for more than 1 year at renewal.

Qualifying Contract: a contract for Services between Us and the referred contact.

Qualifying Referral: a referral made by an Eligible Referrer, resulting in a Qualifying Contract, entered into within the Referral Period.

Referral: a referral of an individual school, college or other organisation, for a contract for Services with Us.

Referral Form: Means the form to be completed on Our Site, which can be accessed via the following link: Alps Refer A Friend Programme 

Referral Period: the period ending three calendar months from the day which an Eligible Referrer completes a Referral Form.

Renewal Fee Discount: means the discount available at the end of Your Subscription Period in which a Qualifying Referral was made by You and is calculated in the following way:

(i)     for one Qualifying Referral, You shall be entitled to a 10% discount on the renewal fee applicable to the first year of Your renewal                          period.

(ii)     for between two and four Qualifying Referrals (inclusive), You shall be entitled to a 15% discount on the renewal fee for the first year                    of Your renewal period;

(iii)    for more than four Qualifying Referrals, You shall be entitled to a 20% discount on the renewal fee for the first year of Your renewal                      period.

The discount figures above are not to be added together and each discount figure includes discounts already earned in the same Subscription Period, save that any Multi-Year Renewal Discount shall still apply,

Detailed Referral Terms


1.   These Referral Terms shall be read as supplemental and subject to Our Site Terms and Conditions. Specific terms, interpretations and definitions set forth in Our Site Terms and Conditions apply equally to the interpretation of these Referral Terms.

2.   Where there is conflict or ambiguity between Our Site Terms and Conditions and these Referral Terms, the Site Terms and Conditions shall prevail.



3.   These Referral Terms shall only apply to Qualifying Referrals, made by Eligible Referrers.

4.   Save where expressly provided for, these Referral Terms shall not apply to circumstances involving Excluded Contracts and/or the referral of a Qualifying Contract outside of the Referral Period.

5.   These Referral Terms do not apply to Referrals made by, or in relation to, Group Contracts.

Process for referral


6.   To make a Qualifying Referral, You must firstly complete the Referral Form found on our website: Alps Refer A Friend Programme 

7.   There is no limit to the number of Referrals You can make during Your Subscription Period.

8.   We will inform you in writing as soon as reasonably practicable, following the date of Your Referral, if We consider it to have become a Qualifying Referral.

9.   Where We determine that Your referral will involve Us entering into an Excluded Contract, We shall inform you in writing as soon as reasonably practicable to confirm the same.

Renewal Fee Discount


10.   For each Qualifying Referral, You shall be entitled to a Renewal Fee Discount, the amount of which We will confirm to You in writing, as part of Your Renewal Notice.


11.   We will monitor compliance with these Referral Terms. You will not be eligible for the Renewal Fee Discount if, in Our reasonable opinion:

   a.   the eligibility criteria in these Referral Terms are not met;

   b.   You have breached any of these Referral Terms;

   c.   We have reasonable grounds to suspect fraud, abuse or misuse of these Referral Terms and/or any other error affecting the proper                      operation of the Referral Terms.

   d.   You do not renew your subscription at the next renewal date after a successful referral.


12.   We may delay confirming a Renewal Fee Discount in the following circumstances:

   a.   for the purposes of investigation or verification of the matters referred to in clause 11; or

   b.   for any other reason where it is, in our reasonable opinion, necessary or desirable to do so.


13.   In the event We have had to delay confirmation of Your Renewal Fee Discount and each of the following circumstances apply:

   a.   following Our investigation, We determine that You are eligible for the Renewal Fee Discount;

   b.   the Relevant Period for renewing Your Subscription has passed; and

   c.   You have chosen to renew Your Subscription;

We reserve the right, in Our absolute discretion to substitute your Renewal Fee Discount for a rebate equivalent in value to the Renewal Fee Discount.


14.   Where one or more other parties is also an Eligible Referrer in relation to the same Qualifying Referral the value of the Renewal Fee Discount attributable to that Qualifying Referral will be divided equally between all the Eligible Referrers.



15.   If any dispute arises as to the amount of Renewal Fee Discount payable to You, the same shall be referred to the Chief Executive Officer of Alps and save in the case of manifest error, the outcome of which shall be final and binding on both parties.

16.   Any information offered by You in accordance with these Referral Terms will be dealt with in accordance the data protection terms within our Site Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, which can be accessed here: and

17.   These Referral Terms do not place any obligation on Us to enter into a Qualifying Contract, where We determine it is not necessary or desirable to do so. Notwithstanding this, We acknowledge that this right does not affect Your right to receive a Renewal Fee Discount.

18.   You acknowledge that We reserve the right to amend, modify, substitute or withdraw these Referral Terms from time to time, on reasonable written notice to You and on the understanding that such action shall not affect Your right to receive a Renewal Fee Discount, for Qualifying Referrals made in accordance with these Referral Terms, in the period immediately prior to the effective date of such amendment, modification, substitution or withdrawal. If You continue to use the Referral Form after the effective date of each amendment, modification or substitution of these Referral Terms, You will be conclusively deemed to have accepted such amended, modified or substituted version of these Referral Terms.

19.   You agree that nothing in these Referral Terms is intended to, or shall be deemed to, establish any partnership or joint venture with Us, enables You to become an agent for Us, or authorises You to make or enter into any commitments for, or on behalf, of Us.

20.   By accepting these Referral Terms, You confirm You are acting on Your own behalf and not for the benefit of any other person.


January 2023