Every Student Counts – Effective tracking in joint sixth forms

16th November 2020

Alps Connect Interactive supports leaders and teachers to track all students taught in their post-16 provision regardless of where they are enrolled.

Connect Data has two ‘Consortia fields’ to enable this analysis which is pertinent where schools work collaboratively.

Once you have uploaded your students to Connect Data at the start of year, all subsequent monitoring and results data points will enable your teachers to view their analysis in Connect Interactive in the following ways:

  1. from an ‘on-roll’ perspective, ie for all students that are enrolled at their ‘home’ school regardless of where they are taught, or
  2. from a ‘taught-at’ perspective, ie for all students that are taught in their school / teaching set regardless of which school they are enrolled at.

In the table below, the school we teach at is called EYG. Four schools make up our consortia. Our students are taught French, Music Technology & Psychology at other schools – Schools A, B and C. It is important that we track their progress and understand their contribution to our school’s overall progress.

Therefore the analysis shows us:

  1. All – the subject analysis for every student that is enrolled at our school, EYG
  2. EYG – the subject analysis for those subjects taught at our school only
  3. Sch A, B & C – subject analysis for those students of EYG taught elsewhere


Table 1 – Showing where students are taught at


In the next example below, we can see that out of the 15 students being taught Drama & Theatre Studies, 12 students are on our roll and 3 are ‘guest’ students enrolled at two other local schools.

Table 2 – Showing all students enrolled across the four schools


It is important that all students taught by our teachers receive the same support regardless of where they are enrolled so our process within subjects should be inclusive for all students whatever their status. This includes careful target setting and monitoring of their progress. Without this analysis of all students, it is possible that areas of concern during the year may be missed, risking students feeling isolated and less confident when they study across more than one school.

Alps Connect Interactive gives teachers and leaders the tools to spot areas of concern and act appropriately during the year before they develop into more serious problems.

To see how to create the above table please see our video short on our website that supplements this blog.


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