Meet Michael Rice, our inspiring Sales Executive

12th October 2023

Introducing our brilliant Sales Executive Michael Rice. Michael is a vital member of the Alps Sales Team. Earlier this month we sat down with Michael to find out more about his career background, how he has found the last 12 months working with Alps and what advice he would give someone wanting to start a career in Sales.


Hello Michael, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career background?  

In 2015, I completed my master’s degree in the Netherlands and embarked on an unconventional journey that led me to my current role as a Sales Executive at Alps. My path took me through teaching English in Italy, Thailand, and Belgium. However, when the pandemic closed the school in Italy where I served as a director, I returned to the UK, compelled to explore a new career in sales. 


So far, what have been your biggest achievements at Alps?   

My most significant achievement thus far at Alps would be my swift adaptation to the role’s demands and consistently meeting individual targets. This accomplishment was made possible by my continuous exploration of how Alps Connect and Alps Summit effectively address the challenges schools face.  

On a personal note, a definite highlight for me was leading the Alps walk at Dovestones Reservoir alongside my loyal companion, Queenie. 


What have you learned, or how have you grown in your role since working for Alps?   

Entering the world of software and Education Technology was a steep but enjoyable learning curve. Over the past year, I’ve honed my ability to ask insightful questions, manage my time efficiently, and deliver impactful product demonstrations. Surprisingly, I discovered gaps in my knowledge about the UK education system, despite having attended school there. My role has also necessitated adaptability, especially since I work from home. It’s been a rewarding experience, marked by the recognition that seeking guidance and support from the accomplished Alps team is a powerful resource. 


What is your favourite thing about working at Alps?     

What stands out for me at Alps is the diverse range of products we offer. It’s a privilege to represent a company that provides such innovative solutions within the education sector. In my sales role, I get to engage with professionals from various educational backgrounds and discuss the transformative potential of our platform, which is immensely fulfilling. 


What advice would you give aspiring sales professionals?    

While I’m still at the early stages of my sales career, I’d offer one piece of advice to those aspiring to succeed in this field: start with genuine conversations. The act of picking up the phone and engaging in meaningful discussion is invaluable.  

As sales professionals rely increasingly on data systems and AI (Artificial Intelligence), your ability to connect and converse with people sets the stage for your success. The insights gained from these conversations can be transformative, not just for your career but for the clients you serve as well. 


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