Meet Michelle, our brilliant Marketing Executive

5th February 2024

This month we wanted to give you all the opportunity to meet our brilliant Marketing Executive, Michelle Davies. Michelle is responsible for creating and designing a wide array of content, from video testimonials showcasing the lovely feedback from our customers, to our newsletters which arrive in your inbox each month, and even our social posts celebrating all the amazing things happening at Alps.  

For our latest meet the team blog, we sat down with Michelle to find out about her career background, her biggest achievements at Alps and what advice she would give to aspiring marketers.  


Hello Michelle, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career background? 

In 2010 I had just completed an Animal Management and Science Degree in York, but struggled to find work in that field because of the ongoing recession. Thankfully, I was able to land a role doing PA work and Data Entry for a charity based in Oxfordshire and from there I moved to an administration and customer support role for a company that provided curriculum for home educators. Over the next 5 years my role evolved to accommodate my strengths in creativity and design, and I became the in-house graphic designer and was responsible for social media platforms and company blog. 

In 2020 I made the decision to move to Manchester and began looking for more local roles in Marketing and Design which eventually led me to Alps and my current job! 


So far, what have been your biggest achievements at Alps? ?   

I have found real enjoyment in creating video content for Alps. I’ve recently been working on making short testimonial videos which showcase amazing feedback from Alps users who have truly benefitted from using the platforms. I think these videos are great assets for the company and I get a lot of satisfaction seeing them being used in our campaigns. 

I also worked on the design and collateral for our conference exhibit and it is brilliant seeing how good it looks when the team are at events. I’m proud to have created something that the extended team love to use and feel well represented by when they are showcasing Alps at events. 


What have you learned, or how have you grown in your role since working for Alps?

I have learned to be confident in collaboration. At my previous job I was a bit of a loner in my department, at Alps I have the teams to work alongside with and support and it’s been such a good experience for me to know that if I have questions, need feedback, or have a suggestion there is always someone who has the answer or can hear me out.  


What is your favourite thing about working at Alps?

My favourite thing about working for Alps is that as a staff member I am treated with respect and equity. The company culture is second to none and the hybrid working structure makes my work and personal life so much easier to manage, which is something I value a lot.   


What advice would you give aspiring marketers?   

Don’t forget to listen to what other people are saying. It’s great to have your own ideas, but 9/10 times another person’s feedback or suggestions can take your ideas from good to great. Another valuable piece of advice is to keep up to date with trends. Marketing is evolving all the time, and you can move forward leaps and bounds if you keep your finger on the pulse. 


Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?   

I am an artist and like to give myself random art challenges. Last year I drew actor Pedro Pascal every day for a month. 


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