Preparing your data for a hassle free Results Day

5th July 2022

We’d like to make this results day a breeze. So, with a few pointers from Callum, our Customer Success Specialist, here’s how you can prepare in advance.

What preparation can you do now?

Connect Data allows you to do most of the preparation work in advance of the Results Days.

If you have been monitoring your examination Year Groups across the year then your preparation work need only include checking that your cohort data is accurate.

We recommend that you carry out the following prior to Results Days: 

1. Check your student details

  • All students that you would expect to see in your data are included
  • All contextual data is accurate, eg gender, SEND, EAL
  • All prior attainment data is accurate

2. Check your teaching sets are accurate 

If you need to update any information then you can use the Connect Data wizard to upload additional data.

On Results Days itself you will need to upload three pieces of information:

1. Student IDs
2. Subjects
3. Outcomes/Grades

Callum has recorded a video which shows you how to upload your results:

You can watch the video here. 

Embargo Days 

Historically, you have been able to upload your results to Connect on embargo day but have been prevented from viewing Connect analysis.  This year you will be able to set up permissions to allow key staff only to view your analysis in Connect across the embargo period. Callum shows you how to do this in the video. We will notify you when the permissions for embargo are released into Connect.

New to Connect Data? 

If you have not yet populated Connect Data with your examination Year Groups, here are some articles which guide you through the process of getting Results Day ready.

Make sure your student data is ready for Results Day:

Upload your Prior Attainment data for KS4 and KS5:

Haven’t uploaded data to Alps in a while?

Check out our knowledge base for a wealth of handy articles on every aspect of getting started with and maximising your Alps analysis.

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