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28th June 2022

For group leaders, accurate monitoring across schools is crucial for targeted and effective strategic interventions that will make a difference to students. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to support leaders in MATs, Local Authorities and Groups to drive evidence-informed school improvement, we launched our Group platform, Summit. 

Alps Summit combines all the simple and effective analysis of Connect at a MAT level and provides interactive analysis of examination data and internal assessment data at both the individual school level and at a Trust level.

We had a great response when Summit KS5 was launched in November 2021 and we are delighted to announce that KS4 Summit will be launched in September 2022, providing the same level of insight into Key Stage 4 progress data.

Those who have been using Summit already at KS5 have been impressed and have fed back strongly. Jane Coley, Education Director at Anthem Trust, shares her experiences of using Summit and their plans to roll out at Key Stage 4: 


“Alps Connect and Alps Summit are essential in our strategic vision for the MAT and our relentless push to ensure all students achieve the very best outcomes that they can”

Julian Appleyard, CEO at Pontefract Academies Trust

“With the introduction of Alps Summit this year, GEMS leaderships are able to identify strengths and weaknesses to enable the sharing of best practice across our schools in the group.”

Hywel Benbow, Senior Vice President at GEMS

Summit is a gamechanger because it simplifies the access to high quality and relevant data across your Group and creates a common language for all stakeholders. Ultimately, Summit makes your data manager’s life easier and supports teachers and Group leaders to quickly spot trends and put important interventions and sharing of best practice in place, creating powerful opportunities for long-term improvement.


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